Someone asked me, “what would be your expression after hearing you got selected to be Mars?”

First of all, I will be thrilled and shiver with excitement. As I am a foodie, I pack some deshi foods to tickle my tongue on Mars. Oh! man, I will miss ‘em on mars.

Wait, don’t blow me up! Wait a bit! It might sound ridiculous but if Mr Elon Musk is sending me there, I surely ask him to upgrade Mars with some refrigerators and restaurants for me. And the refrigerators contain chocolates, candies, coke, food items, and generally whatever I want.

It might sound weird but I will buy subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify for 24 months. As I am not planning to be friends with boredom. but I dunno why wanna be there for two years. I will think about it later.

Okay, not only that I will actually try to flaunt this achievement over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all over my social media profiles. I will also try to make a video with the offer letter. I mean, I want to be famous you know.



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